Avalon Advanced Technologies and Repair (AvATAR) inc. is a privately held business that provides form die's, machined components, stampings and sub-assemblies for a variety of industries (aerospace, commercial and medical).

Here at AvATAR, we realize our employees are the “true assets” of the company and together, our skilled craftsmen average more than 20 years of aerospace experience. It is their experience that makes us successful and allows us to meet and/or exceed our customer’s expectations on quality, cost and delivery.

Today we are focused on supplying our customers with precision metal details and assemblies made from the following types of materials:

Nickel Base Alloys:
Hastelloy X, Inco 625, Inco 600, Inco 715, Waspaloy, Rene 41, Nimonic 75, Nimonic 86,
Haynes 230

Cobalt Base Alloys:

L605, Haynes 188

Iron Base Alloys:
300 Series St. Stl., 400 Series St. Stl., A286

Exotic Alloys:
Greek Ascoloy

We also work extensively with aluminum and carbon steels. AvATAR has a comprehensive support team to take a program from concept through prototype and development into full production. We look forward to working with you and your team.
Core Technologies
Process Optimization
Lean Sigma Mfg.
Synchronous (TOC) Mfg.
Special Processes
Stretch Forming
Ring & Vane Rolling
TIG, Spot and Seam Welding
Hot-Forming (Titanium and Greek Ascoloy)
Laser and Waterjet cutting – flat and multi-axis EDM (Wire)
Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping
CNC Precision Machining
Conventional Machining
Engineering Services (CAD, CAM, FEA)
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